Fat Transfer Puts the Padding Where You Want It

As you grow older, 2 evil things occur that let the world know you have been around a while: 1, your face gets thin and wrinkled; 2, your body droops, sags and fattens up.

Would it not be nice if you might take that fat off your waist, thighs, belly and back, and use it to fill out your facial features? Well, now you can. A new cosmetic surgery process called “fat transfer” is there for you. We all know that, as we grow older, fat appears in areas where it’s just virtually impossible to get rid of. You can exercise, watch your diet, and try any new craze that comes along, but regularly the only real way to get rid of the fat is to have it removed by a cosmetic surgeon.

The issues of the face are sometimes more conspicuous. We get wrinkles, blemishes and “crow’s feet,” those lines at the fringe of the eyes. Lines round the mouth also make you look older. You also get the “hollow cheek” look, where you lose the fullness of your features.

There are tons of options to reverse these indications of aging, but this is the sole process that tackles both issues. This isn’t one of these huge procedures that leave the patient in gauze for weeks. It is a quickie; they take about enough material to be used to fill in.

The following step is essentially the most vital as it guarantees the security of the process. The doctor runs it thru a selection of filters to get rid of any impurities. You only require the best materials for your face. After it’s cleaned up, the doctor injects it into the areas you would like to boost.

Benefits of using your own fat to fill out depleted areas of your face include:

* Feels real, as it uses tissue from your body.
* Much safer than other surgery options as it uses purified material from your own body
* may be employed to lose acne and other scars.
* excellent for any area of the face: eyelids, churches, lips, jaw, neck, nose, the area around the nose, cheeks, or jaw line. It could also be used to improve the breasts, buttocks or lower body.

This is a relatively new operation, and patients have been happy with the results. It requires a small amount of tissue from the areas you’d like to take away as you age, and places it onto the areas you would like to augment.

Though it’s a straightforward operation, there are always hazards and complications, so talk to your cosmetic surgeon. Have a consultation with a doctor who has done the process before, and get all your questions answered. It’s not actually like finding the fountain of youth, but it’ll make you appear like you did.

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February 13, 2012
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