Why the Doormat is An Important Home Decor Element

Have you ever come to a house and noticed that it has a really homey feel, but can’t quite put your finger on the reason? Chances are, the answer was right under your feet. That’s right — the doormat is what gave you this impression.

The impressions people get of places are often formed by the things that are not consciously noticed. Walkways, doormats, and lighting are all things which people don’t pay much attention to unless something is obviously wrong with them. But they all make a big difference in how a location is perceived. A nice doormat with a homey picture on it gives the psychological impression that this is a place you can relax and be yourself in. Since it’s right in front of the door, the feelings given by the doormat is mentally transferred to the entire house.

Fortunately, doormats are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of designs. You do not have to settle for the old-fashioned rubber tire ones anymore (though, if you are trying to present an eco-friendly image, you may want to prominently display recycled rubber). There are several made of tightly woven materials of various types which show different images. Countryside images are common, but there are also ones with joke images, cartoons, flowers, and pretty much any pitcher you can imagine. If you’re a traditionalist, of course, you can get the old standby: the “Welcome” mat.

Of course, doormats have a function to go with their form. The “practical” purpose is to prevent dirt from being tracked into the house. Therefore, they are made out of very tough materials, and or are woven in a way which provides special durability. A doormat will often outlast the carpet is protecting, and this is pretty much the point — the tough doormat protects your delicate flooring.

Due to this practical use, many doormat buyers do not pay enough attention to the aesthetic properties of the small square of material they will be looking at for the next several years. This is why doormats have a reputation as being pretty boring. But with hundreds or even thousands of designs available, there is no need to get a mere “workable” doormat.

The next time you need to update the look of your home or apartment but don’t want to spend a lot of money, take a real look at what doormats are available! You may be surprised to find that for a mere $15-$30, you can change the whole atmosphere of the outside of your house/apartment, while making your flooring last longer.

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February 13, 2012
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