What’s So Great About a Thermal Carafe?

A good cup of coffee. It’s something many of us look forward to. And, that first cup in the morning is usually delicious. But as time goes on, the rest of the coffee in the carafe becomes condensed and burnt. If we try to avoid that by turning off the coffee maker, then we end up with cold coffee.

The reason for this is that coffee is usually kept hot by a hot plate, and this hot plate is set to such a high temperature that it burns the coffee. Coffee makers whose hot plates are not so hot that the coffee burns may not be able to keep a full carafe warm enough.

So how do we avoid this? In the last few years, home coffeemakers have come into production which use a thermal carafe, similar to the type used by some restaurants. Have you ever noticed how in many restaurants, they can serve you a piping hot cup of coffee that is not burnt even though they have a huge carafe they’re pouring from? They can do this because they are using thermal carafes. Thermal carafes work on the same principle as a thermos jug — they use insulation to keep their contents at the right temperature, rather than relying on a steady input of heat from the outside.

A home coffeemaker which uses a thermal carafe will drip the coffee in through a closed lid, so you do not need to transfer the java from another container. This allows it to retain as much heat as possible. This, along with the insulation, allows the coffee to remain hot for hours even without adding extra heat to it. Therefore, your coffee does not burn nor does it get cold, even after sitting for hours.

Coffeemakers which come with thermal carafes tend to cost a few dollars more than the old-fashioned hotplate variety, but it is well worth it. Not only are you insured of having a good cup of coffee for a far longer period of time, you are saved from either wasting the cups which are at the bottom of the carafe or enduring drinking those cold, burnt end cups you would otherwise end up with.

So next time you need a new coffee maker — or are finally fed up enough with the old one to replace it — get yourself one with a thermal carafe. Like all kinds of coffeemakers, these come in a variety of price ranges from mass-market level to gourmet, so there is sure to be one to fit your tastes and budget.

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February 13, 2012
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