Urea Foot Cream – A Cure for Cracked Feet

Dry, rough feet are a problem many people have. For most dryness, a simple solution like rubbing the feet with petroleum jelly is enough. But for some, such home remedies just can’t do it. When the feet get so dry and calloused that they crack, it’s time for a heavy-duty solution. This is where urea-based foot cream comes in.

When feet get too dry, it begins a cycle of excess callous production. Paradoxically, the calluses only contribute to the problem, because they do not sweat and therefore cause the feet to become even drier (your feet normally re-moisturize themselves via their sweat). Therefore, you need something that will break down the calluses even as it re-moisturizes your feet.

Urea foot creams are a great product for this. The urea found in foot creams is synthesized in the laboratory, so it is clean and free of contaminants. Urea binds to the keratin in calluses to break them down. It is also highly attractive to moisture, and therefore will draw moisture into the feet. Over a time span of just a couple of weeks, it can restore softness to rough feet and almost if not all cracks to completely heal. If a crack is deep enough to have begun bleeding, using urea-based creams may sting at first, but it is well worth it.

Even though some cream makers claim that the calluses will be completely eliminated within this time, it is more likely that some areas of the foot will remain thickened. As long as you keep using the cream, the skin will finally get thinner and more normal, even in these areas. But the thicker areas will be more likely to revert to a calloused nature, so you’ll need to be careful to keep applying cream to those spots even after they are softer.

The cream I use is called Flexitol Heel Balm, and it’s about $10 from the local drugstore. For my severely cracked feet, it took about a month of twice a day usage for all the cracks to go away. To maintain a crack free state, I work on the most callous-prone areas every day or two. I make sure to apply it before bed since that’s when my feet will be at rest and I won’t just walk it off. If my feet feel exceptionally dry that day, I apply some at midday as well.

In this way, I have been able to prevent more cracks from happening, and keep my feet softer than they have been in years. If you have a problem with dry or cracked feet combined with calluses, try using some urea-based foot cream and see how well it works for you.

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February 13, 2012
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