How to Find a Good Cabinetmaker

Buyers frequently dream about updating kitchen, baths or adding an entertainment center to make their houses more pretty. Some decide that the only way to get the proper, professionally-done, look is to hire a real cabinetmaker. The sole question is: how does one know if a cabinetmaker is a good one? Well, here’s a short list to check for:


Does he have any recommendations? If not, do not gamble it. Check out 2 random names on the list. What do they are saying about him? Did he complete on time? Would they use him again? How long has he been in business? Ask him and ask the people on the advice list when he worked for them. Clearly, the longer he’s been in business, the better.


Are you able to go and see some of his work? Consumers may not need to show you the interior of their houses, but see whether there are some before and after footage available or some outside work that is obvious from the street.


Payment Schedule: Dispersal of funds should be third at the start, third about half-way thru, and third at the end of the job. Holding the last payment till the job is complete helps guarantee you that it’s going to be finished.


Does he have top quality tools that are in good repair? A good wood worker invests in high quality tools which will last and repairs his tools fast. Homeowners don’t need a workman working on their property with shoddy tools that are accidents waiting to occur.


Do other professionals recommend him? Has he worked with him? Is he reliable? Do house owners like him? Workmen talk among themselves and they know who is competent and who isn’t. However, be aware that sometimes, tradesmen have an “ethic” of not talking bad about each other. Be wary of too many “I don’t knows”, because this can signal that they can’t bring themselves to say he’s good…but they don’t want to outright say he’s bad, either.


Does he focus on detail? Does he match wood grains? Does he completely fit the crown molding in the corner or simply butt the ends together? This awareness of detail is vital to real professionals.


Does he hear what you need, take notes? Nothing is worse than a miscommunication on a job. Determine what you both concluded on, have plans drawn up or at least sketched out.


How are his prices? Do you need a quality job? Then pay for it. If you’d like something done cheaply then there are heaps of applicants avid to use your house as a practice field, so they will take a low-ball bid. If you want to observe your financial position, select a bid that is in the middle range.


Is he busy? Often you strike gold and catch a great chippie between roles, but almost all of the time you’ll have to take a number and wait your turn. Householders can use the above to help them select a trustworthy wood worker. The most vital thing to bear in mind is you need to be ready to trust and work with the workman.


Keeping these tips in mind for finding a competent cabinetmaker, you will be able to increase your chances of being satisfied with the end result. There’s no point in paying for custom if you’re going to end up with a K-Mart did-it-yourself look, so it only makes sense to put in the time and effort to find the best cabinetmaker you can for your custom cabinet work.

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February 13, 2012
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